Smart solutions for lateral flow testing

Our laser-based manufacturing technique allows the production of customised lateral flow devices for Multiplexed, Sensitive and Semi-quantitative diagnostic testing. We call this platform technology…

features and benefits

Low costs

High patterning speed of 1 device per second

High patterning resolution of ~ 250 µm

Wide material compatibility

Our solutions for lateral flow testing are developed using a laser-based platform-technology that is used to pattern the building blocks (cellulose pad, glass-fibre pad or nitrocellulose membrane) of a lateral flow test. Patterning uniquely shaped fluid-flow paths at specific locations within these blocks allows the creation of flow-controlled lateral flow tests with improved performance (sensitivity and limit-of-detection) and added functionalities (i.e. multiplexing, and quantification). The patterning process is fast, low-cost, non-contact, and suited for both roll-to-roll and batch manufacturing, making it compatible with conventional lateral flow manufacturing.

platform technology

lateral flow test

lateral flow test

lateral flow test

MULTIPLEXED lateral flow test

Using our flowDx technology, we partition the flow path of a lateral flow test into multiple parallel channels. Each flow channel is then used to detect a different analyte or biomarker, thereby producing a flowDx enabled multiplexed lateral flow test.

HIGH-SENSITIVITY lateral flow test

Using our flowDx technology, we shape the flow path of a lateral flow test to have a custom-designed constriction. This spatial profile changes the flow dynamics within the flow channel, thereby producing a flowDx enhanced high sensitivity lateral flow test.

QUANTITATIVE lateral flow test

Using our flowDx technology, we partition the lateral flow test strip into multiple channels, each of which is pre-loaded with a set number of test lines. The number of lines that appear on completion of the test directly relates to the amount of the analyte or biomarker in the tested sample, thereby producing a flowDx assisted quantitative lateral flow test.

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