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Robert Eason
Founder & Director

Robert Eason is the Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, and a Professor of Optoelectronics in the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton. He received a B.Sc degree in Applied Physics in 1975 from University College London, and a D.Phil in Physics from the University of York in 1982.

He has worked in laser and optical technologies for almost 40 years, has supervised 38 PhD students to successful completion, has been the principal investigator on >20 EPSRC grants, securing more than £5M of research funding as PI, and >£25M as Co-I, and has given more than 40 invited talks.

Rob’s most recent research topic addresses laser-processed point-of-care diagnostic tests, and he has recently secured a 3-year EPSRC grant entitled Laser-based engineering of paper for manufacturing fluidic sensors: (Lab-flo), with a value of £750K (FEC). The project will produce point-of-care diagnostic sensors that allow detection of specific diseases and conditions as well as dramatically reducing detection limits, and will involve methodologies for fluid delay, multiplexing, and patterning of 3-D devices.

Collin Sones
Founder & CSO

Dr. Collin Sones is a Principal Research Fellow/Associate Professor in the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton. He has been working at the Optoelectronics Research Centre since 2003 and as a Senior Research Fellow since 2008, before which he was a Lecturer in Physics/Electronics in India for 7 years. He received his bachelor and master’s degrees in Physics-Electronics in 1989 and 1991 from the South Gujarat University, India.

Collin has been working in the area of laser-materials interactions and laser-based micro-structuring/patterning techniques for applications in integrated and non-linear optical devices for the last 17 years. More recently, he has been working towards the development of laser-direct-write printing and patterning technologies, and his group has been responsible for some key achievements, particularly in the area of laser patterning of fluidic devices in porous materials such as paper.

His current research is focused on laser fabrication of low-cost, point-of-care medical diagnostic sensors targeted for use in resource-poor settings of lower and middle-income countries. His research activity in this field has been funded through successive grants from the EPSRC, UK, and these have helped his team explore the feasibility of laser-based printing and patterning methodologies for large-scale manufacture of affordable paper-based diagnostics targeted at tackling global challenges that include the endemic of Tuberculosis and Antimicrobial Resistance. Collin has authored 135 academic contributions that include journal papers and conference proceedings, 4 institutional reports, and 1 book chapter, and has >730 citations.

Ioannis Katis
Founder & Lead Scientist

Dr. Ioannis Katis is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, and is a co-founder and lead scientist for Highfield Diagnostics.

He has an extensive educational background that includes a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from DUTH, Greece, an MSc in Bionanotechnology and a PhD in Optoelectronics from the University of Southampton, UK.

Ioannis’ main research areas are laser-based technologies for manufacturing of paper-based diagnostic devices and lateral flow assay development. He is currently developing devices for diagnosis of Leishmaniasis and Tuberculosis and has a keen interest in bringing novel products and technologies to the market.

Peijun He
Founder & Lead Technologist

Dr. Peijun He is currently working at University of Southampton, and is co-founder and lead technologist for Highfield Diagnostics. Peijun brings to his position a well-established background in laser engineering and paper microfluidics.

He has an impressive educational background that includes a bachelor`s degree from Tianjin University, China in electronic science and technologies and a MSc in photonic technologies and a PhD in optoelectronics from University of Southampton, UK.

Peijun’s main research area for his PhD were developing a laser direct write technology for fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices, followed with focus on lateral-flow devices and various assay implementations, i.e. ELISA. After his PhD, in May 2017, he joined in the University of Southampton as a research fellow with the research areas of using paper-based diagnostic devices for bacteria detection.

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