Multiplexed Lateral flow

Multi-channel lateral flow devices for diagnosis of several analytes on the same strip

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Sensitive  Lateral flow

High sensitivity and low limit of detection, independent of the performed assay

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Products Under development

Pre-clinical diagnosis of Leishmaniasis and Tuberculosis using novel lateral flow devices

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Smart Lateral flow

Disposable pregnancy tests have become a familiar and trusted product for an instant diagnosis in the home environment. They are cheap, easy to use and provide a quick answer to an important question: are you pregnant, or not?

There are situations however where patients would value knowing more than one piece of information from a test. They may want to determine pregnancy, but also assess whether blood pressure, glucose levels or cholesterol is higher than it should be. They may also want to know whether the subject is suffering from any other conditions.

This tantalising prospect of multipurpose disposable tests has been pursued by Professor Rob Eason and Dr Collin Sones from the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre and the pair are close to bringing a valuable product to market.